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Infinity work

At Infinity, we’ve worked with clients both small and large. We’re proud of the work we've done and strive to reach new heights with each project we tackle. What can we do for you?

We have recently worked on projects for…


Infinity worked to create a robust CMS used internally by TiVo staff to publish static files for frequently updated sections of the TiVo website. The CMS was written in PHP and the data is stored in a MySQL database.
http://www.tivo.com/ »

Six Apart

Infinity worked with a team to create the XHTML and CSS for the recent Six Apart redesign. The scope of this work included producing the templates for 6A, MT, TypePad, and additional sections of the site.
http://www.sixapart.com/ »

Rearden Commerce

Infinity built out the complete front end for the Rearden Commerce website and worked with fellow developers to add existing content.
http://www.reardencommerce.com/ »


Infinity was responsible for making content and style changes to several sub-sections of the corporate website.
http://www.sun.com/ »


Infinity headed the development of the UDEX corporate website. Responsibilities not only included coding the entire front end of the site, but also creation and deployment of a CMS written in PHP and utilizing a MySQL database used to control the content of the site.
http://www.udex.com/ »