Opens a popup with no chrome (IE only). Degrades into a normal popup in other JavaScript enabled browsers and into a normal link in non-JavaScript enabled browsers.


Open a borderless popup window


To use this popup, you link to the page that you want to open like this:

<a href="required/borderlesspopup.htm" onClick="openwin(this.href); return false;">Open a borderless popup window</a>

Then, you insert the following code into the <head> of your document:

<script type="text/javascript">
function openwin(url) {
	var name = "popup"; // popup name
	var width = "300"; // popup width
	var height = "100"; // popup height
	var left = (screen.width - width) / 2 ;
	var top = (screen.height - height) / 2;
	var windowproperties = "fullscreen=1, scrollbars=0";
	newwin =, name, windowproperties);
	newwin.resizeTo(width, height);
	newwin.moveTo(left, top);


Tested in: IE6, Opera 7, NN4.7, NN7, and Mozilla 1.2.
Works in: IE6, NN4.7, NN7, and Mozilla 1.2.
Doesn't work in: Opera 7

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